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If you are looking for a new career or a change in profession, FE could be the right path for you. Whether you are an experienced teacher or new to teaching, you could be the exceptional candidate we are looking for in order to provide extraordinary first-class education to our students.

Why FE?

  • Concentrate on a specific subject area
  • Teach what you are passionate about
  • We provide dedicated professional support which creates positive pupil behaviour and a great learning environment.  A Learner Disciplinary Process in place to tackle poor behaviour. 
  • Support students on a day-to-day basis, whilst working towards your career goals and aspirations
  • New to teaching? –We don’t just support our students to learn; we invest in our staff in order for them to reach their full potential. If you are new to teaching, we will support you in obtaining your Teaching Qualification (Level 4 teaching qualification contractually required for all Lecturers and a Level 3 teaching qualification is required for Instructors).   
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • The Lincoln College Group encompasses campuses at Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough as well as an Air and Defence Career College at Lincoln and Construction Career College at Gainsborough.  In addition we deliver HE courses, have an onsite sports centre (Deans Sport and Leisure) and provide education in KSA and China, meaning progression within the Lincoln College Group can take many different routes. 

Join our journey to extraordinary and expand your career opportunities. 

Inspiring delivery and exceptional learning for all.

Our Learning, Assessment & Teaching strategy recognises that learning, assessment and teaching are not mutually exclusive and the effectiveness of each is dependent on the others.

Learning is at the centre of all pedagogical principles and the teacher facilitates learning by providing appropriate opportunities and strategies; assessment is integral to learning as it evaluates the effectiveness of these opportunities and strategies.  View our complete Learning, Assessment and Teaching Strategy.

The vision:

The cornerstones of LEARNING, ASSESSMENT and TEACHING at Lincoln College are that:

  • Learners enjoy challenging, well-paced and dynamic sessions, where their progress is celebrated and subsequently attendance is high.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors demand that learners have high aspirations and expectations regarding their achievement, behaviour and personal development.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors set challenging learning outcomes strategically for the learners that promote deep learning and raise learning aspirations for all.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors set engaging activities for learners to complete outside of lessons/sessions in order to extend their learning opportunities and to promote the development of the independent learner.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors involve stakeholders within the planning, monitoring and development of progress within every setting.
  • Learners are able to make clear links to the skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes required by employers or higher academic progression routes and are able to apply these skills in the work place.
  • Learner’s progress is checked using a range of carefully considered assessment methods. Learners engage with their feedback effectively to continually develop and progress their academic knowledge and skills.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors are confident in selecting and utilising a range of effective learning, assessment and teaching strategies, including relevant digital technologies that support multi-sensory learning.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors share resources and working effectively within learning, teaching and assessment community of practice.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors engage enthusiastically in peer observations to support their and others’ continued professional development.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors confidently embrace ‘teachable moments’ that support the development of core and employability skills as well as an understanding of British values and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors model high standards of honesty, fairness and integrity, and expect the same of learners.
  • Teachers, trainers and assessors value and stimulate independent critical thinking and creativity and empower learners with confidence. 

A common characteristic of any top performing organisation is that all who work there have absolute clarity about the following two things:

Where the organisation is going?

What is expected of me?

The Lincoln College Group Strategy– Our Journey to Extraordinary addresses those two questions by setting out the direction of travel for the Lincoln College Group (LCG).  The strategy is built around three academic years, extending to the end of the 2018/19 academic year. 

See a full copy of the Lincoln College Group Strategy 2016 – 2019.

We provide dedicated professional support which creates positive pupil behaviour and a great learning environment.  A robust Learner Disciplinary Process in place which aims to give a clear structure that supports Staff and Learners in upholding high standards of Learner conduct.

See further information regarding our Learner Disciplinary Process.

The Lincoln College Group recognises that an effective programme of induction will help to ensure that new employees settle in well and gain an understanding of the organisation, its policies and procedures and culture as early as possible giving each new starter a full opportunity to quickly become effective and motivated team members.

A structured induction process is therefore in place for all new employees to ensure that they receive a comprehensive induction programme.

The induction for all new starters consists of three main parts (with an additional tailored induction for new academic members of staff):

  • HR First Day Induction
  • Department Induction
  • Corporate Induction
  • Academic Induction

Find out more about our comprehensive induction programme.

As well as an exciting and rewarding career, employees of The Lincoln College Group have access to a wide range of benefits including Work Life Balance and Health and Lifestyle policies, Computer Purchase Scheme and reduced membership fees at Deans Sport and Leisure.  All of our employees have easy access to our benefits via the 'Perkbox' platform.

What is Perkbox?

Perkbox is free for all Lincoln College Group employees to use.   All new employees are sent an activation email following their First Day HR Induction and once registered employees have access to over 200 perks, including:

  • Free mobile phone insurance
  • A free Caffé Nero hot drink each month
  • Big brand discounts on major high street and supermarket shopping
  • Discounted cinema tickets
  • Exclusive pricing from Apple
  • Loads of lifestyle perks from gym discounts, massages, insurance, spas, beauty and more.

As part of the HR Induction, the recruitment team will give each new starter a brief introduction to Perkbox and they will also be given a letter and user guide explaining what they need to do next to access the service.   This means that all employees have access to our benefits programme from the very start of their employment.

Further information on some of our Employee Benefits on Offer can be found via our Employee Benefits Booklet.

Please don't hesitate to contact Jeannette Young (HR Officer) in the HR Unit if you have any further queries regarding our Employee Benefits.

Reward and Recognition

The success of The Lincoln College Group on its journey to extraordinary is attributable to the excellent contributions of our employees.  As part of our 2016-2019 strategy the Lincoln College Group made a commitment to conduct an evidence based review of organisational development.  Further information regarding that review can be found on Page 28 of the Lincoln College Group Strategy (Critical Enabler, Organisational Development). As part of the review a commitment was made to introduce new processes and systems to recognise and reward extraordinary thoughts, behaviours and actions. As such in September 2017, the Group Director of HR, Jacqui Varlow was pleased to announce the new Spotlight Awards.  See further information regarding the Spotlight Awards and our Reward and Recognition Scheme

Links to further information regarding our recruitment process, such as tips on completing our application form can be found on our main jobs page.

Our Current Vacancies

All of our current vacancies can be viewed in our Jobs Section.


Please contact Nicola Jepson (HR Assistant) or Sam Crosby (HR Assistant) in the HR Unit if you have any further recruitment queries:

Email:  or  Phone: 01522 876243

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